ABOUT VITALITY PROLifelong Changes For Improved Living


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Vitality Pro offer retreats that meet all the requirements of a healthy lifestyle. We deliver varied exercise, bespoke diet monitoring and balanced lifestyle guidance to ensure guests go home with the knowledge and understanding on how to live a healthier, happy life.

Since forming in 2013, the company has worked to create a product that does not look for quick fixes, but delivers life long changes for improved living. Having seen the influx of various styles of bootcamps, breaks and retreats the VP team felt it unrewarding for clients to depart from a trip without the full understanding of what to do next. With this in mind they worked to create a concept that identified exactly how to tweak all aspects of daily living, to ensure guests maintain a healthier lifestyle.

ETHOSEnjoyable and sustainable


Learn how to uniquely fuel 'YOUR' body via workshops, self monitoring and constant support from the VP team.


Learn and experience how to train your body and then sustain it when you leave Vitality Pro.


Learn how and WHY you need to rest your body for optimal repair and rejuvenation.


Learn how easy it is to maintain and sustain these disciplines with VP workshops and our unique resource manual.

Our ethos centres around sustainability and the understanding that we are all different. We don’t count calories, ration food servings, starve guests or administer unrealistic training periods; we simply cater to your specific needs. At Vitality Pro we feel a retreat must incorporate practises that can be implemented in every day life. Training to unrealistic time frames, eating to unsatisfying portion sizes and meal replacing to unhealthy levels can only lead to confusion following the departure from a retreat. We therefore operate in the exact manor that we want clients to repeat, beyond their stay, acknowledging the differences between one guest and another.

VP recognisees that making changes to your body and lifestyle can be difficult, if the process is not enjoyable. We therefore ensure that the delivery of exercise, food and knowledge is done in a manor that encourages our guests to repeat what they have learned in the future.